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Green Oak Tree Rye

Green Oak Tree Rye

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A testament to our dedication to shape the world of rye whiskey; Green Oak Tree stands alone providing an agreeable and unique taste while still delivering an intriguing finish we know and love from ryes.

Proof 90 (45% ABV)

Appearance Caramelized amber

Nose Full-bodied. Sharp notes of rye paired with a subtle pepper finish. Touches of vanilla bean and chocolate syrup with a hint of brown sugar and orange peel.

Palate Sweetness and spice are harmonious. Rye and white pepper notes provide an easy sipping experience while vanilla, pear, and molasses balance the finish.

Finish Easily palatable with a rare finish.Also great for cocktails.

Mash Bill56% Rye. 33% Corn. 11% Malted Barley.

Note From Our Founder This is a one of a kind rye. Special to say the least. There's no other like it.

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