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The Louisville Legend 110 Proof Bourbon

The Louisville Legend 110 Proof Bourbon

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Our Louisville Legend remains true to our signature flavor profile emphasizing sweet notes. There’s no shortage of vanilla and butterscotch in this wheated bourbon.

Proof 110 (55% ABV)

Appearance Golden Pine Sap

Nose Baked goods noted with caramel, vanilla bean and marzipan.

Taste Ripe and well rounded sweet notes. Vanilla, caramel, apple pie, and butterscotch are pronounced. Oakiness throughout. Subtle yet crisp notes.

Finish Soft and round. Lingering butterscotch.

Mash Bill64% Corn 64%. 24% Wheat. 12% Malted Barley 12%

Note From Our Founder I’ll pass on dessert. 110. Neat, please.

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