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The Louisville Legend ALT 112 Bourbon

The Louisville Legend ALT 112 Bourbon

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The Patriarch of our bourbon family. The wheated Louisville Legend ALT stands apart from its cask strength peers. It delivers strong, balanced flavor with a noticeably milder finish.

Proof Cask Strength (112 Proof)

Appearance Warm burgundy amber.

Nose Spicy almond maple with a touch of cinnamon. Cocoa dusted oakiness.

Taste Robust sweet notes with a well built palate.

Finish A welcoming Kentucky hug. The kind you don’t want to end. Dried fruit notes linger while the spices soothe.

Mash Bill 64% Corn. 24% Wheat. 12% Malted Barley.

Note From Our Founder A true bourbon-drinker's bourbon.

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Customer Reviews

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Mary Bloom


Joey Ortiz
Best Bourbon !!

Mrs & Mrs Bourbon Louisville Legend ATL 112 is an exceptional bourbon that immediately captivates with its enticing blend of spice and smoothness at cask strength. From the first sip, it's evident that careful attention to detail and craftsmanship went into its creation. The time, story, and dedication behind this bourbon shine through, making it a standout addition to any bar shelf. I highly recommend it to bourbon enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike, as its rich flavor profile and impeccable quality make it a true legend in the world of bourbon.

Tomestis Vivian
MrMrsSmith Bourbon

This bourbon is extremely smooth. This is my favorite bourbon out of the Mr and Mrs Smith bourbon line!